Ineffective Open Houses!

A long, long time ago … in a galaxy far, far away … doing open houses was standard when it came to listing and marketing a home for sale.

Contrary to popular belief, open houses are extremely ineffective for selling homes. Based on a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS(®), the chance of your house being sold as the result of an open house is less than 2%. That’s a shocking 98% failure rate.

So why do Agents still do open houses? Why do you still see open house signs everywhere during week-ends? Well, the main reason is Agents want to please their clients and that they are working hard to sell the home. Secondly, to advertise themselves to the neighbourhood and generate leads for their business.

Things have changed now. We live and breathe technology and open houses are out-dated.  Sitting in an open house and waiting for buyers to show up lacks the marketing punch a good HD video on social media carries. Also, most good Agents don’t want to inconvenience their clients to vacate on a Sunday, when they can get more traction through Internet Ads, Social media and good old fashion prospecting.

I think differently. My Plan of ACTION gets your home SOLD.  Period! I showcase your home to key people that can either buy your home or help find the right buyer. That’s the Pro-Active approach, vs. the passive approach of sitting and waiting for Buyers to show up.

Looking forward to earning your business too.

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