Bedford Park

Bedford Park is a Toronto neighbourhood found north of Lawrence Avenue, east of Avenue Road and bisected by Yonge Street. It is a residential neighbourhood, mostly filled with families and young professionals. Generally, homes in Bedford Park are mid-sized detached and semi-detached, built between 1890 and 1940; the area was originally conceived as a part of a middle class housing development. Properties in the Bedford Park area saw a significant spike in value in 1909, when Rosedale Golf Club was relocated to the section of the Don Valley that lies northeast of the neighbourhood, bordering Lawrence Park and Teddington Park. A wealth of new investment followed, raising the status of Bedford Park. Today, the area is considered an upper-class family neighbourhood, and homes can be expensive. Residents tend to lay down roots and stay long-term, as a result, homes in the area are generally lived in for many years and well-kept along the way. All this makes it a very competitive neighbourhood for young families to break into. With mature tree lined streets, quiet roads, low traffic, a calm vibe, and a very tight-knit and family-oriented community, Bedford Park is a coveted piece of real estate. Proximity to good schools, local parks, Highway 401 and Lawrence subway station make it a ‘no brainer’ for families looking for the best of suburban and urban living–if they can afford it. Bedford Park is home to Bedford Park Public School, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School, and Bedford Park Public Secondary school.

Thinking About Buying Or Selling in Bedford Park?

If you are thinking about buying a home in this beautiful neighbourhood, let me pinpoint your search, and negotiate the best possible price for you. And If you have a home to sell, In today’s market it takes more than just a sign on the lawn to sell a luxury home. It takes constant communication, exceptional marketing, effective networking, professional work ethics, and superior closing and negotiation skills. I’d be happy to meet with you to explore your options and develop a strategy to exceed your real estate goals. Looking forward to earning your business too!

Latest Properties in Bedford Park


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232 Carmichael Ave, Toronto


208 Carmichael Ave, Toronto


110 Mcgillivray Ave, Toronto


323 Melrose Ave, Toronto


114 Haddington Ave, Toronto


83 Stormont Ave, Toronto


518 Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto


44 Delhi Ave, Toronto


53 Burncrest Dr, Toronto


393 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto


83 Marmion Ave, Toronto


535 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto


2074 Avenue Rd, Toronto


633 St Germain Ave, Toronto


507 Deloraine Ave, Toronto


519 Melrose Ave, Toronto


526 Melrose Ave, Toronto


485 Glencairn Ave, Toronto


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3 Glen Rush Blvd, Toronto


362 Lawrence Ave W, Toronto


396 Cortleigh Blvd, Toronto


643 St Germain Ave, Toronto


383 Melrose Ave, Toronto


34 Joicey Blvd, Toronto


86 Carmichael Ave, Toronto


391 Greer Rd, Toronto


115 Joicey Blvd, Toronto


3 Dinan St, Toronto


541 Douglas Ave, Toronto


103 Burncrest Dr, Toronto


2 Kereven St, Toronto


504 Douglas Ave, Toronto


127 Barse St, Toronto


216 Carmichael Ave, Toronto


8 Burncrest Dr, Toronto


84 Marmion Ave, Toronto


70 Mcgillivray Ave, Toronto


319 Melrose Ave, Toronto


9 Shelborne Ave, Toronto


276 Yonge Blvd, Toronto


293 Deloraine Ave, Toronto


15 Otter Cres, Toronto


7 Saguenay* Ave, Toronto


369 Deloraine Ave, Toronto


479 Glengarry Ave, Toronto


53 Joicey Blvd, Toronto


348 Joicey Blvd, Toronto


409 Deloraine Ave, Toronto


43 Mason Blvd, Toronto


496 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto


52 Unsworth Ave, Toronto


418 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto


90 Esgore Dr, Toronto


381 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto


102 Frontenac Ave, Toronto